Wednesday, January 18, 2012

w.i.p. - my first of the year

Now, I listed & linked to my plans for the immediate future in my last couple of posts, but here are some photos I took today. You know, the proof!

Swoon. I am really unsure as to how many of these blocks I will do. My 3 yr old niece was looking through my flickr favs of this block & saying, "that is so pretty", "I love that one", "look at those pretty colours!". She basically said every. single. one. was her favourite, and I feel the same way! It confirmed that my original swoon idea of making her a pillow was a good one. It also got me wondering if I should try some hand sewing with her soon...the fabric love seems to be there!
Here is my start. Medium Grey Kona & some Heirloom...


Next up - solstice star #1, ribbon star. Made up with Modern Meadow to fit in with my Summer Sampler blocks from last year. (Missing some background Raffia Kona in this pic, as I forgot to cut it out! Laid the block pieces out like so & thought, "how did I miss those?!"

  solstice stars

These are the fabrics I've picked out for my Sparkle quilt. I hope to make it a baby sized (9 blocks) but am starting with these 4 to see how I like it. I believe cutting instructions come tomorrow, so my 1.5hrs of nap time is already spoken for!


I also have to vent just a little bit. My local quilt shop does not carry the types of fabric that I love. It's okay though, internet shopping is good to me! What I would love to pick up locally are things such as Best Press (or something similar, since I don't know the difference yet), an assortment of rulers (a square smaller than 6.5" specifically), fusible interfacing, insul-bright & quilting gloves. That was my list & the shop had nothing I needed. The woman working there told me to check walmart. Um...really? I was a little surprised that 1- she thinks walmart has all this stuff & 2- that she would rather I shop there. (Has anyone in a Canadian Walmart ever seen Best Press on the shelves?) I wish my LQS was more impressive. It would be so nice to purchase some items in person (no stalking the post office) & in CAD!

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  1. Your swoon blocks are going to be beautiful. Love the med grey kona!

  2. Your Swoon blocks are going to be gorgeous, with Heirloom (love!) and gray. And I love your fabric choices for the Sparkle QA! Thanks for linking up with WIP Wednesday. : )

  3. I'm in Canada too, and struggle with local stores. The actual "quilt shops" are soooo expensive! A meter of Moda fabric for $20??? Seriously? So honestly I don't really go into those shops much because I know I won't buy anything at those prices. I do shop at Fabricland though, which is slightly less frustrating but still not ideal. They do have sales all the time but I still have a hard time getting over their regular prices. Do people actually pay that???

    I love the fabrics you are working with, and I think little apples will make a great sparkle quilt!


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