Thursday, January 26, 2012

Swoon, Sparkles & Swap!

Well...let's see...I feel like there's lots to update you on this week!
I signed up for the Craftsy Block of the Month. It's free, so I am only going to do the blocks that appeal to me most, or that will teach me something new. They will most likely be made with Modern Meadow & added to my 'summer sampler' quilt, which is turning into a catch all for random blocks!


Yesterday I made it into the Polka Dot Charm Swap! Whoo hoo! I have a few of the fabrics that will be included, mostly the 'Ta Dot' prints. So, I might decide to make a fun little quilt for the playroom. Or possibly just a ton of new bean bags! However they get used up, it's exciting to know all those dots will make it here eventually!

Some progress was made on my Sparkle quilt - too much maybe, as in the quiltalong, we are still piecing the HST's. Oops! I am signed up for Curves Class starting Feb. 1st, so I have been trying to finish up what I can before then. I am not used to having so many projects on the go. My usual style is to make a quilt start to finish & then move onto the next! Having the option of which project to work on is nice, but I worry this way will mean more things sitting unfinished!
Anyway, I have done all I can of my Sparkle until more Kona Med Grey arrives in the mail. Here is a mock up of what I have so far.

Sparkle, so far
I placed what I could finish of the white block over my blue for a better visual

Swoon. Oh Swoon. Here is my one lone block. It is SO large, the next two regularly sized 12.5" blocks I made after it seemed way too small. I measured them to make sure, they just felt tiny by comparison!

Swooning with Heirloom

The plan was to show you all my Summer Sampler blocks to date, but maybe I will finish off another one tonight & save that post for tomorrow...or Saturday.


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  1. Charlotte, it looks great! Your sparkle blocks are adorable (from one QAL cheater to another....) and the Swoon block is amazing. I made a swoon last year so I know what you mean by the huge blocks! Each block feels like a big accomplishment in itself. :)


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