Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Summer Sampler: Blocks 5-10

blocks 5 thru 10 by twelfthzodiac
blocks 5 thru 10 a photo by twelfthzodiac on Flickr.
There is still a little bit of summer left for me to finish these, 2 to go!
If you are keeping track, you will notice there is no photo of block #4. My 'garden path' looks more like 'underwater vomit'. It is an explosion of blue, in a bad way that I didn't notice until it was all finished. Then it became glaringly obvious! I *think* I will keep it anyway, so it will make an appearance in a later post, all quilted up & looking less vomit-y. (Here's hoping!)
Of these last blocks, the top left 'Evening Star' & bottom middle 'Lucky Pieces' are my favourites.
I have a plan for piecing everything together into a quilt top, but unfortunately, I will have to wait for fabric in the mail in order to finish. Fabric that isn't even ordered yet...! But, I have a plan, yay! That's something! lol Considering the different sizes of some of my blocks, I am happy for a plan that I think will even everything out perfectly.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pretty Bird Quilt

My latest finish is a quilt & pillow set commissioned by a relative for her little girl. She chose the fabric collection 'Pretty Bird' by Pillow & Maxfield & I added in some Kona Ocean, Grass & Robin's Egg Blue to round things out.
It is approx 45x60" and I quilted it with straight lines.

Pretty Bird Quilt by twelfthzodiac
Pretty Bird Quilt a photo by twelfthzodiac on Flickr.

Side B
Pretty Bird -Side B

I am proud of this project! The pillows all have invisible zippers - it was my first time using these & they turned out so good, it's hard to find the zips even when you're looking for them... lol...that could be just me though :P

Miss M's quilt & pillows

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Mira by twelfthzodiac
Mira a photo by twelfthzodiac on Flickr.

This kitten just loves to fur up quilts that aren't hers!
This was right before it went into the laundry though, so it was okay.
The little stinker.