Thursday, January 12, 2012

Why not, there are more hours in the day now, right?

Here we are, a whole day later...and I am adding two more projects to my 'to do' list!

I've decided that I need to make a Sparkle quilt with some of the Little Apples fabric I bought over the holidays. The large center squares will be perfect to showcase some of the cute little scenes of children playing/trees/turtles. I knew a pattern that would allow me to avoid chopping it all to bits would be best & I think this is it. I will make the baby size & then hopefully find a baby who wants it! It's generally not a good idea for me to make quilts without recipients in mind, they tend to just hang around & look lonely.

The second addition isn't a whole other quilt, thank goodness! Faith of Fresh Lemons is doing tutorials for solstice star blocks. My Summer Sampler quilt [in progress] needs a few more blocks so I can finish it up. I had a couple picked out already, but have not started on them. The completed blocks are sitting in a pile in my studio, gathering dust. I finished them up (um, pretty much...) with the help of Faith & the other bloggers who hosted/taught us how to make them - maybe I need to follow along with these too! You know, to increase the odds of them actually being finished. Maybe I need sewing buddies, even if they are only on the computer & don't even know who I am. I like the push it gives you to get going!
 I'm kind of into peer pressure. You should be too.

Solstice Stars Series


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  1. I totally did what you did - add projects to my growing list of projects :) I'm doing the Sparkle QAL too. And now I think I want to do the solstice stars!

    AH. Must. Stop.


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