Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hello there!

Made it to the sewing room over the weekend, which was both surprising & lovely.
There was bee work to be done! When a package leisurely makes it way through the postal system, it kind of makes you want to jump right in & get sewing when it finally shows up. So much so, that I didn't even worry about messing up someone else's pretty fabric. See what happens when I don't worry?!
 It's not awful. But it's far from my version of "perfect" (Definition: Not perfect, but close enough for me, depending on which project I am working on.) After finishing those chevron sections, I realized that I may have picked the worst fabric possible for my star points. (I know, 'what chevrons...?' right?!) This was the only fabric I was to contribute from my stash & if making the star OR the chevron stand out was the goal, I failed. This was completely overshadowed by the fact that these sections did not line up with the corner pieces (which I am in love with, btw). I am still not sure why...! My package was missing in action long enough that Marian sent me another. Dare I try again? (How much extra fabric do you have for this project Marian? Should I send the second package back unharmed? haha)


Immediately after finishing this block, I decided it was the perfect time to sew up this quick little quilt I've had cut & waiting since June. It gave me no trouble whatsoever. Which was nice of it!

Mitchell's Quilt

That blue star fabric in the center is flannel, as is the backing. All fabrics are from Riley Blake's "All Star" collection. It was approximately 44" square before washing.
  I hope it keeps baby M. nice & cozy!  <3