Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Show & Tell

It felt like I made more. In reality, the Christmas gifts I worked on for weeks only amounted to one quilt & five Keyka Lou wallets, one of which was for myself! I am happy with my finishes though, I am such a procrastinator - it really is something that there are finishes to speak of.

Here are a couple shots of all the pouches together. I added a strap to the one for my 3 year old niece as I think that will make it easier for her to carry around. The polka dot wallet is for my almost 10 yr old niece, there's a D-ring in case she would like a little wrist strap added. I don't have any clips on hand but need to order some more.

Christmas gifts, Keyka lou

Christmas gifts, keyka lou

The original two I had planned to make are for a couple of my sisters. I thought it might come in handy to have a basic sewing kit for things like loose buttons or a seam that has pulled apart. I am always here to help with that sort of thing, but I have ulterior motives! It would be so nice for someone else in the family to catch the sewing bug! You never know, right?!

The quilt I managed to finish up on Christmas Eve day is for my 4 month old nephew. The very first nephew on my side of the family! Not his first quilt though, < this quilt > was made by big sister Miranda before he made his appearance.
 I used the line "Alphabet Soup" because I love the cute little zoo animal prints & the fact that the rest of the line wasn't too busy. It is colourful though, which I knew my sister would like.

Christmas gifts, Miles' quilt HST back

I think Baby Miles likes it too! I forgot to measure it after all was said & done, but I believe it is around 50x50"

Christmas morning


  1. oh my I LOVE your quilt!! The bright colors and the bold pattern came out looking so nicely! I'm sure your nephew loves it!
    Thanks for linking up

  2. I saw this from the post Sew Fresh Fabrics put on Facebook. I loved your wallet so much I HAD to buy the pattern. Can't wait to make one! Would you mind telling me which of the sizes you made? Small? Medium?


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