Friday, December 9, 2011


I have had a cold for the last week. My to-do list has never been longer & I was out for pretty much the whole week! Grr. I managed to finish one more Keyka Lou wallet for my niece. She is too young to read, but I am going to keep it a secret until after Christmas anyway. So I have 4 more of those left to make (if you are paying close attention, you will notice that I added one more to the list!)

The Aviary 2 quilt on my design wall has not moved. Which is okay, it doesn't *have* to be done in time for Christmas, and I am really enjoying having it displayed up there for now. Does anyone else go across the hall before bed, open the door to the studio, block the kitty from sneaking in with your foot & just take one last look at their design wall before bed? And then when your husband asks what you are doing, you say, "Just making sure I unplugged the iron..."? No? Me neither.

I have had a very happy mail week! My Heather Ross Studio Sale items arrived on Tuesday...and my order from was in today! Happy Happy! Included was this Little Apples stack! (I went a little nuts with a flat rate shipping of $5 to Canada, couldn't resist!)

Little Apples

So, I am feeling almost better & ready to get going on what is left to finish. I should be okay as long as I don't get distracted. [That would never happen to me.]

The bootlegs from my September Pearl Jam concerts are in my cd player right now too. If I can't relive the shows via time machine, these are the next best thing! And they will totally lure me to my studio. Win-win!

I leave you with one of my favourite photos from the front row. Love these guys!

pearl jam 300 (2)
Mike, Ed, Jeff, Matt & Stone

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