Monday, April 23, 2012

Pillow Pair

First, a convo with the hubs -
Him: Let me know when you're done with the laptop...
Me: Will be after nap time...3:00 ish
Him: 3:00? What are ya doing on there?
Me: Blog post
Him: (looks at screen) You're on youtube watching Pearl Jam videos...
Me: Yeah...but then I'm blogging...for reals
So here I am! Only a couple more videos later ;)

Some of my crafty things will be making an appearance at my Aunt's Open Studio & Gallery event. The things that are finished on time, that is.
So the weekend was filled with the hum *clunk clunk* hum of my sewing machine.'s loud. And clunky. With my walking foot, there is also a *squeak* to join in the chorus. I keep thinking that one of these days it will just collapse into a pile of dust. I mentioned it possibly having suicidal tendencies in a recent post, one of the commenter's made me laugh out loud when she encouraged me to help it along. It would be the humane thing to do....

I finished up these 18x18" pillows yesterday. They are a departure from my normal colour palette but I like how fresh & springy they are. Most of the fabrics came together as a bundle from Etsy & I started sewing with them the same day they arrived in my mailbox.


I used my Retro Flowers templates, because I love them.
Usually, I find myself planning my pattern & fabric choices in advance...with these I just sewed everything up & then moved them around like puzzle pieces to get them how I liked them. It was fun to see how they turned out!  *Must remember to do this more often!*

  Pillow Set

There is a zip hiding in the back. Lately, I have been using this method from Sew, Mama, Sew! (Though I omit the fusible tape & don't pin....I'm dangerous like that!). With everything going on, I wasn't sure what colour of thread to use to quilt them. Last month I won some Aurifil nylon monofilament thread (to non quilty friends: it's invisible) from Laura @ Quokka Quilts. It was the perfect thing for these babies!

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  1. VERY fun! Your curves look perfect Charlotte.

    1. Thanks Heather - you're quick! lol
      I could be stuck on curves for just a while yet...!
      Good luck with your HST Festival submission!

  2. Haha, my husband has NO idea what it is I do on the computer!

    Your curves are fantastic! I don't imagine you're pinning......

    1. I certainly am not pinning...I'm allergic :P
      I would explain what it is I am doing on the computer so much, if he was actually curious enough to sit through the explaination! It sure doesn't help when he looks over & happens to catch me on

  3. I love those! I really need to sew a slip cover for my couch so that I can have pretty pillows. Stupid floral couch.

  4. Those pillows are awesome! I love all the details including the pop of color on the back!


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