Friday, April 27, 2012

And I named her Baby.

So, way back...I forget when...I joined the swoonalong on flickr. I had already purchased the pattern & a quilt along was just what I needed. I finished one block. It is a large one, at 24"...but it was still only one. I loved her right away.
 With the pattern & fabrics both being so very awesome to start with, if there was something I didn't end up liking with this quilt, it was all on me. So...she sat around for a while, waiting to gain sister blocks to form one massive & glorious quilt. It never happened. She is an only child. She is my Baby Swoon.


Fabric: Heirloom by Joel Dewberry + Kona Med Grey & Bright Pink
Size: 39 x 48.5"
Pattern: Camille Roskelley's Swoon

I am linking up to Finish it up Friday & Sew & Tell.


Early next week, I will hopefully have some exciting news about all of my quilts being sold @ my Aunt's studio tour this weekend... if not, I still have one of those said quilts to show you, "Scallops" from Curves Class.


  1. I recently made a baby swoon quilt to. It's always a challenge to make a signature quilt of a block that is seen in so many variations. I really like yours :)

    My goal for this weekend is to finish up a up 4 star Swoon as well. I sort of lost interest because there were so many doing the same block at the time. It IS a gorgeous pattern though. So it deserves a worthy finish.

  2. I think it worked out great

  3. Oh this is so pretty. I love the pink and gray together and you can't go wrong with the swoon pattern!!

  4. Beautiful!!! What a great color combination, I LOVE pink & gray: )

  5. I absolutely love this. Gorgeous colors and I love all the little accent details you added on the front and back. Stunning!

  6. I love this -- it's gorgeous!

  7. What a great baby Swoon!! It's a beautiful design too...well done! I hope you sell all of your quilts, too :o)

  8. Terrific finish! I love medallion quilts with one big block in the center...cute back too.

  9. This is gorgeous! One of the most unique quilts I've seen in blogland. You are very talented;-)

    1. Colleen,
      Your comment is one of the nicest ones I've ever gotten. Thank you. :)
      ~ Charlotte

      Also, you are a non-reply blogger, so I couldn't email you...


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