Friday, November 11, 2011 finished!

I really, really wanted to have a completed mini to share for the party today, but it was not in the cards. Starting on Wednesday evening could have a lot to do with that! I am happy with how quickly it came together to this point though & hope to have it quilted up soon. I used the starflower block tutorial from Jennifer @ Ellison Lane. The Summer Sampler Series had me literally cursing half square triangles (HST's) and then I decided to make them for fun? Weird - but I totally liked them better this time! It's so satisfying to trim up my sloppy looking squares into perfect little HST's. I enjoy the teeny tiny scraps they make too. They are so little, I don't feel the need to hoard them. haha.
mini in progress
'Son of a Bee Sting!' pencil in anticipation of swears!

mini top

I am so happy that all my points lined up so well! Good results really fuel the HST love!

mini detail

Go check out all the other [finished] minis that joined the party today!

Edited: Finished this little one today & here she is! 14 x 21" and not washed up yet.
Not sure why I had a little bit of puckering, haven't had that problem since getting my walking foot. It was my first time using a fusible batting & maybe that is the culprit. (?!)

mini -finished!
Natural light is not available at the moment, unfortunately - this is the best I could get!

This little mini is destined to be a doll quilt for the owner of the Pretty Bird Quilt.


  1. great job - love the bold colors!

  2. So bright and cheerful! She'll love it!

  3. very nice! I made a quilt with HSTs for my daughter and haven't been able to touch them since! I really like the colors you used here as well as your quilting. I still get puckering at times with my walking foot, but it's only on the big project, so I don't know that I can offer any help there!

  4. Your mini came out Awesome! I love the colors and the name. and don't worry HST get easier over time. :)


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