Wednesday, January 16, 2013

In Loving Memory

I've come to the conclusion that blogging helps keep me accountable! I can't even remember all the quilts that are laying about in various stages of completion. Honestly, there are around a dozen I believe. With stacks of fabric just waiting for their turn to be called "unfinished". It's all they know...poor things! They need to strive for more. ;)

There was a finish this weekend. A very special finish. A four months late finish. But who's counting? My goal is to donate a quilt to a local NICU every September in memory of my friend, Amber. I don't want to get into it too much...but Amber was a beautiful young woman, filled with light & love that was taken away from her family and friends much too early. Oh, and cancer really sucks. I am refraining from using the curse words that scream in my head when I think about cancer. You're welcome.

This is the second quilt I've donated so far (my friend is actually dropping it off at Victoria Hospital in London, Ontario tomorrow for me). The fabric is happy; with trees, turtles, squirrels, cozy sweaters & scarves and playing children.

Little Apples NICU -little apples back

The photos aren't great, I didn't have too much time with it after it was finished & washed up.
    Fabric: Little Apples by Aneela Hoey
+ Kona Medium Grey, Coral & a random pink
    Pattern: The front is from the Sparkle QAL hosted by Megan & Jeni
    Size: 36 x 36"

I hope it provides some comfort for a family in need. Amber will be smiling down on them, of that, I'm sure. <3    


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