Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hexagons. I like them.

A warm welcome to the new followers I picked up during Giveaway Day (week). Thanks for being here! I try to post once a week, but as you can see, I have been slacking off lately, in quilting & in blogging.

The second month of our Don't Worry {bee} Happy bee has got me going again though...with Hexies!
These are for Chelsea. I'm still trying to decide which method of basting I prefer, so there's lots of variety in these.

I was worried that hand sewing would cause my carpal tunnel to act up but luckily, I've had very little problems with that so far. So I figured I should make some for myself too...! This will be part of a quilt backing that needs finishing up. The back, I know...not an ideal place for such adorableness...

Aviary 2 Hexies

I might be back next week with a quilty finish. You can't make me pinky swear though.


  1. I love hexi's too...and they are portable so I can work on them at work lol

  2. Charlotte those look so cool, and I'm really glad they didn't hurt. I would have felt awful! Do you know what the solid purple/orchid colour is that you used in the second photo? I love it!

  3. I find my carpal tunnel is worse at night, as in I ALWAYS wake up in the middle of the night with tingly painful hands. Sucks. I'm loving your hexies, all that purple rocks!

  4. Charlotte. I love your hexies - they're so pretty! For basting, I prefer the method where you don't actually sew through the paper. That way, the basting threads don't need to be removed at the end. It looks like you might have done some of yours that way but it's hard to tell. Let me know if you don't understand and what me to explain a bit better!


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