Monday, May 7, 2012

A little help, please?

I am looking for opinions. My 3 year old niece said, "That's so pretty, it's my favourite quilt, how did you make it so fast?" I didn't bother to ask the husbeast on this one.

Is this crazy busy?

domestic bliss...start

I couldn't wait to cut into my Domestic Bliss layer cake, my first ever layer cake! I ordered some Kona solids to coordinate with it, but I ordered them on Saturday, the same day I started cutting...So, they weren't here on time! haha.
As I was cutting & sewing, I was loving it. Ironed, trimmed, stuck them up on the design wall and then....did not like them so much. I slept on it. I like it better now, but it still seems to be just a little too much.
I have eleven more blocks, I could add another row. I could sash them (even though it's not my favourite task!). I could group them in blocks of four & sash those....I just don't know. And I want to go sew them right this second! Still, without solids or any idea what to actually sew together. *sigh*


Additional info: It is not destined to be a certain size, or live with anyone I know. I just needed the fabric...and will probably try to sell it when it's finished.


  1. I think it would look nice with sashing but I also really like it as is. What do you plan to use for binding?

    1. Thanks Beth! For binding I was thinking one of the purple small print fabrics, or more likely, the Kona I ordered in that colour (as close as I could tell...think I went with Crimson). I could see myself going with the light blue solid I bought too.... so, I'm not sure yet apparently. lol

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  3. I really like it! I do think that some type of solid sashing and/or border would help with the business, but it would be great without it too. I like to idea of sashing groups of 4...

  4. I'd sash them, but make it wide and irregular in an Oh Fransson kind of way so that the blocks are floating on the background. Maybe you'll get 2 quilts then (one for your niece?)!

  5. It's busy! I'd go wish sashing. I really like Kelsey's idea of not sashing around each block, but groups of 4. Very hip.

  6. It is busy and it's cute. You could even do groups of 9 blocks with sashing.

  7. Just wondering how you have got on with this one? I like the busy factor. If you think it's just too much though, what about doing a stripe of blocks (maybe three or four blocks wide) through the three quarter mark of an otherwise plain quilt? You could even do the upper section one colour plain and the lower section a different colour - and the block-stripe could run vertically or horizontally.


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