Thursday, April 28, 2011

What's coming up...

... photos of a completed table runner, if the sun ever shines again. It will be a wedding gift & I love it, even if I've personally never used a table runner before in my life. It's pretty!

I am currently working on a commissioned quilt for Little Miss M.  After the quilt (& pillows!) are all finished up, I think I will start on something new I've been thinking on. A solids only 'plus' quilt that I might want to turn it on it's side, which would make it an 'x' quilt (?). Either way, I am thinking lots of greens, with greys & purples thrown in. Nothing is set in stone sketches are more colourful than I was envisioning, so we'll see what happens. Later, when I get to it!
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  1. ohhh, that looks interesting!

  2. Love the colors.
    I just had to come visit your blog since I saw you say something about only 1 follower. So now I am a follower too! I love your quilts/fabrics/posts and look forward to seeing more. I don't have too many followers either so I know what you mean, you just have to start somewhere.

  3. Thanks for the comments ladies :)
    I am really itching to start that plus quilt, or at least order the fabric!
    Thanks for 'following' me Jodi, I made that comment & then bam! I'm up to 3. woot! lol
    It's a little strange to feel like I'm talking to no one, so I'm trying to think of this blog as a nicer place [than facebook] to keep track of my craftiness.
    I checked out your blog & saw your teeny tiny little hexes...those are seriously small!

  4. OH I like that idea!! :) I recently made a tiny plus patchwork and it was very rewarding to see it all come together!


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