Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cathedral Window Pillow

I LOVE this pillow. You may have heard me talk about it on facebook...but now I'm talking about it here, so it can be entered into a contest!
It was made to go along with a custom quilt order. The quilt took much longer than I expected & I knew I had to do something 'extra' with the pillows. I had never done (or even thought seriously!) about using the technique that I did. I have had a blog post in my favourites for about a year now, that I just liked to look at, thinking '...someday I'll try that...'  {a la mode's blog post}
Then, before I knew it, I was cutting the fabric for them! I am usually super cautious about trying something so new & I procrastinate (me? no way..!) Maybe it was because I was already feeling the time crunch & messing around for weeks wasn't an option.
I l.o.v.e. it. It was a learning experience & I will do some things slightly different next time. Haha, as I was folding/ironing/sewing it, I was thinking "I will never do this again!" But it was really worth it, so I will.

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  1. I've been wanting to try this technique. Your pillow turned out beautifully. Good luck!

  2. Thanks Liz!
    You should give it a try too! Even though my stitching wasn't perfect, the finished product was still amazing to me (especially the next day when my memory of mistakes wasn't as fresh lol)

  3. beautiful. I'd love to be able to do cathedral windows, but I'll wait until I've mastered the most basic stitch in the ditch before I move on!!

  4. Thank you Wendy :)
    I had tried to master stitch in the ditch, but found it so much easier (& nicer looking in the end) to do my stitches 1/4" on one or both sides of the 'ditch'. Using your walking foot edge as a guideline is so much easier & now I don't use my seam ripper! lol I hated when something was off before, it was too obvious.
    I'm learning to free motion quilt now...and I bought a nice sharp seam ripper along with my new foot attachment! haha

  5. Very, very cool. Your photo might have inspired me to go try something similar . . . love it!

  6. So, cathedral windows are kinda like giving birth then? You think, Never Again!, but then you change your mind. =)

  7. Bahahaha!
    Rachel,I'm not a mother, but from what I hear, yes! Exactly like that!
    I hope not to wait a year or two before doing it again though :P

  8. Thank you Alecia! :)

    I really love it too, even with the flaws... it is just a gorgeous technique!

  9. LOVE! Love the colors and LOVE the cathedral windows...they are my fave!! Beautiful pillow!

  10. I love cathedral windows, one of my favourite techniques, haven't done it for a while though. Your pillow is great.

  11. What a superb pillow, I love your interpretation of the cathedral window technique. I just finished my pillow and made the same experience about al the work and that it is al worth it in the end. You can find my pillow here:


    Good luck with the pillow party!

  12. Thank you Emily & Angelcat :)

    pi.pa.po. - Your pillow is awesome! Lucky bf you have there! ;)


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