Friday, May 29, 2009

Okay, so I'm one of those people who's mind races at night when the rest of me wants to sleep. Not always, but sometimes. Some of those sometimes I just ignore it & *bam!* I'm asleep. Sometimes I try really hard to ignore it & I toss & turn & then eventually fall asleep. Some of those times I toss & turn, I make a promise to myself that I will remember to think of it (whatever 'it' may be) in the morning, and it still won't go away. Those are the times I need to turn on my lamp, look for my pen & grab the post-it's I keep for just such occasions. After it's written down, it goes away & sleep comes. Knowing that, you'd think I'd go straight to the post-it's instead of possibly wasting hours trying not to write things down. Maybe some day I'll learn...!

Last night was a post-it night. I couldn't shake a number of crafty things floating around in my head. A couple new ideas, thoughts on how to finish the tote I started earlier this week, thinking about which type of craft will be best suited for my fb friends participating the the 'handmade giveaway' thingy I made a note about. Six friends & six handmade items, but what do I make for whom? (I never really got a straight answer for that one, the pen only writes what I make it write, unfortunately!) It also hit me that I finished a quick little bag on the weekend & completely forgot to add my 'twelfthzodiac' label to it before sewing it up! Blasphemy!

The wooden handles I ordered on etsy came in the mail & they're so cute I wondered why I only bought one set...then I started thinking about all the fabric I own that would look good with the handles(at this point I almost got out of bed to search through my sewing room for the perfect fabric - but it was cold outside of the covers!), all the fabric on etsy that I'd like for the lining...if it would look best with pleats, or maybe a square bottom? Would it need a magnetic clasp, or is it maybe too 'casual' for one of those (not that they are super fancy, these were the thoughts of a person on the brink of sleep remember!) Anyway.
I turned on my lamp & drew/wrote furiously for a few minutes & then turned off my light and tried to get back to sleep. ~ Three times! lol! I couldn't get it all out in one go...and when I thought two was enough & it was lights out, nope! The neighbours might have thought I was using my light to convey something with morse code. Probably not though, right? That would be weird of them.

It was a fairly fruitful night though. I came up with something totally new...ok, you got me! Not *totally* new, but a new take on my recycle pin that people like but I don't necessarily like making. And I made a prototype today already, so that was pretty productive of me! I also came up with something I called the 'Chloe Zip' - I was thinking of a friends child that I've never met when I came up with it. It's nothing revolutionary, but I think Chloe would like it!
At the end of my blue & pink post-its all covered in purse drawings, is the last post-it. It reads, "GET A NORMAL SIZED NOTE BOOK UP HERE!" And seriously, 17 post-its in one night, they just weren't meant for that kind of thing.

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